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Jacksonville + Saint Augustine + Ponte Vedra

The Jukes Of Jax perform a variety of Live music in Jazz styles from classic, swing, bebop and smooth Jazz.  We are a consortium of musicians from around the USA who now live in North and Central Florida.   


The concept for the Jukes Of Jax comes from our clients who sometimes have very specific expectations for what "Jazz" is.  Some people think Jazz is Dixieland.  Some say it's Swing music, some think Big Band, some say Bebop, while some think it's Smooth Jazz and some think it's Show Tunes.  Actually - they are all correct.  When a potential client calls, we discuss that client's concept of what jazz is, and then we match our musicians styles with them. 


Are you wondering how we got the name "Jukes Of Jax"?


In the beginning days of Jazz, a "Juke Joint" was typically a roadside or rural establishment offering liquor, dancing, gambling and sometimes prostitution primarily in the Southern States.  Musicians who performed there (were talking music here) were known as Jukes.  They were eventually replaced by mechanical devices that became known as Juke Boxes.  Musicians were forced to upgrade their skills so that they could work in more appropriate and legal establishments.    So - we are Jukes and our home is in the Jacksonville (JAX) area - therefore - Jukes Of Jax.